Tallinn among top 7 most intelligent communities in the world

Tallinn was selected by the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) from hundreds of candidates among the 7 most intelligent communities in the world. By June, it will be clear which of the 7 will be awarded the title of 2020 Intelligent Community of the Year. As of this year, Tallinn has been in the shortlist of seven most intelligent communities six times (in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2020).

There were several key elements that brought Tallinn to be among the top 7. The education festival iduEDU and start-up competition Prototron, the establisment of innovation laboratories at schools, start-up incubators and Ülemiste City were highlighted.

Head of the Tallinn City Office, Mr. Toomas Sepp pointed out that this year, after a short pause of participation since 2013, it is a true honor to be selected among the seven smartest cities. “Our innovative approaches are highly valued also far from home. It is worth noting that Tallinn is the only European city among the communities of Australia, the United States and Canada, which will continue to compete for the title of the most intelligent city, ” said Sepp.

The City of Tallinn participates actively in the work of the forum every year. "We get a lot of interesting knowledge, but we also share ours," Sepp said. “IT is a fast-growing field, and so is the global competition that challenges every country and community. There are a number of organizations in Europe which set up competitions in the area of IT solutions, innovative ideas and smart city topics. The added value of ICF is the chance to explore global trends and solutions. In addition to communities from Europe, large and small, communities from North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa have been represented among the participants and winners. ”

Applying is an 8-month process in total, the first 2 steps to reach the top 7 have been successfully completed, and the final test is awaits. The title of the most intelligent community of 2020 will be awarded at the ICF Global Summit meeting in June in Ohio (US).

The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network with a think tank at its center. It connects hundreds of cities and regions on five continents for collaboration on economic development and for exchange of expertise and information that drives progress. Through this network, ICF researches how Intelligent Communities use information and communications technology to build inclusive prosperity, solve social problems and enrich their quality of life in our connected century. ICF is headquartered in New York City, is a worldwide organization that is renowned for its efforts recognizing Intelligent Community excellence through its annual awards programs, workshops, conferences and other support. Today there are over 180 Intelligent Communities around the world, and growing annually, with Intelligent Community representatives on every continent.

Following the decision of the Tallinn City Council, the City of Tallinn joined the community in 2010. Only communities whose activities have been recognized by the Intelligent Communities Forum to be worthy of being in the top 21 intelligent communities can obtain membership.