Tallinn local group for On Board project reunites online after the pandemic

On 19th of May, the Tallinn local group of the URBACT III project “Developing partnerships between educational institutions and communities - On Board” gathered in a Teams meeting to discuss the state of the project and further plans. Each member of the group gave an overview about recent activities within the project and possible adjustments to planned events during the pandemic.

In spite of the restrictions of the global pandemic, the On Board project is still active and fully collaborative in Tallinn. Although many of the events and activities of the project had to be canceled during lockdown, some of them were still pursued in a more adjustable (i.e online) form.

For example, Tallinna Kadaka Lasteaed reported that their annual animation festival KeLaFF took place entirely online via social media this year. Also, Pelguranna Lastead presented a video of a charitable project carried out with children and their families to help donate to NGO Cat Shelter. 

There are also many collaborative activities. For instance, in Õismäe City District of Tallinn, there is an active projekt network between schools and preschools. Tallinna Õismäe Vene Lütseum initiated an elaborate robotics tournament via Google Meet that involved participants all over Estonia. The virtual tournament was such a success that it was desided to be carried out online also in the future. 

Ehte Humanitaargümnaasium has also been very active in terms of keeping with the theme of the project - integrating enterprise and education. Together with the members of community (i.e parents, board of guardians, city authorities and enterprises), they are developing an innovative career training system and are on hold to become a member of the nationwide educational programme “Enterprising School”. 

All the members of the Tallinn local group agreed to meet again in June and keep the project up and running. Althouh the final deadline of the international project has been changed by six months (to June 2021) due to similarly difficult times in most partner cities during COVID-19 crisis, there is no reason to give up project activities.  

The Tallinn local group includes: Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium, Ehte Humanitaargümnaasium, Tallinna Õismäe Vene Lütseum, Kelmiküla Lasteaed, Pelguranna Lasteaed (preschool), Tallinna Kadaka Lasteaed (preschool), Tallinna Mustamäe Reaalgümnaasium, Tallinna Lasteaed Karikakar (preschool), Tallinn Kopli Vocational School, Northern Tallinn Youth Centre, Mustamäe Youth Centre, Haabersti Youth Centre, Tallinn Education Department, Tallinn Sports and Youth Department, Tallinn Enterprise Department, and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

City: Tallinn
Kati Niin (Tallinn Education Department)
Tallinn local group for On Board project reunites online after the pandemic