Tallinn offers activities for children during their school holidays

The holiday events kicked off in Tallinn on 20 April already and are scheduled to end on April 28 along with the holiday period.

According to Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev, it is essential that school children have access to recreational and outdoor activities during their holidays. “Children should be physically active during the holidays to better combat the so-called spring fatigue. Tallinn’s spring holiday schedule features multiple day camps with numerous sports activities, competitive games, orienteering and other exciting events to keep children active and energetic. Also, I encourage the youth to actively use urban sporting grounds - for example, young fans of extreme sports are welcome at Vilde, Koidu and Kivila sports parks with excellent facilities for skateboarders and BMX and scooter riders,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Active and sportive day camps that kick off on Monday, 22 April are organised during the spring holidays by youth centres, hobby schools and sports clubs. For instance, the Nord Sports Club invites children to attend a fun and sportive day camp with entertaining tours and visits to the cinema, the zoo, etc. The detailed schedule of the day camp is available here.

The Tallinn University of Technology innovation and business centre Mektory will hold a thrilling technology training camp for children during the spring break where sports activities are combined with technology, programming and robotics. The camp is open to elementary and basic school students. Further information is available here.

Likewise, youth centres invite children to day camps during the spring break. For instance, the Northern Tallinn Youth Centre organises an entertaining day camp titled ‘Stress-free Week’ for 7-14-year-olds which focuses on physical activities to help children restore their energy balance and forget about school routines. The week-long endeavour includes competitive sports games, new types of board games, trampoline jumping, orienteering, photography tours, and treasure hunts using mobile phones. The last day of registration is 18 April. Further information is available here.

The opening event of the Kivila Sports Park will take place on 23 April between11:00-15:00 to kick off the outdoor season for extreme sports. There will be BMX, skateboard and scooter workshops, and demo shows. The day is rounded off with a competition to determine the best in each discipline. There will be prizes for winners. Information about the event is available here.

The schedule of spring holiday events is available in the Tallinn event portal at https://huvi.tallinn.ee/  A link to the holiday events schedule is accessible on the Tallinn youth information web site www.tallinn.ee/koolivaheaeg.

The Tallinn Sports and Youth Department collects and disseminates information about the spring holidays in Tallinn.