Salary increase for Tallinn's educational staff

The City Government decided to raise the minimum rates of pay for employees of the institutions managed by the Tallinn Education Department.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev noted that the city highly appreciates the contribution of its educational staff. "We consider it important that teachers and other educators should feel valued," said Belobrovtsev. “In January, we met with the directors of Tallinn's schools, hobby schools and kindergartens, the Estonian Education Personnel Union and the Education Department and agreed upon salary increases, which the city government approved today. The salaries of teachers in schools and vocational schools, kindergarten teachers with a master's degree, support specialists and principals will rise starting from January," noted the Deputy Mayor.

The minimum wage for a teacher in a general education or vocational training institution and for support specialists will be raised to 1,315€ from January 1st, as well as for kindergarten teachers who have obtained a master's degree or are equally qualified.

The minimum wage for directors of general education institutions will increase by 5%. Depending on the number of students in a particular school, from 1,890€ to EUR 2,520€ per month. The minimum salary of the headmaster of special schools (Tallinn Kadaka Basic School, Ristiku Basic School, etc.) will increase to 2,100€. The directors' remuneration is covered by education subsidies from the state budget.

In September, the salaries of all kindergarten teachers, hobby school teachers and the teacher assistants will be raised. "For 14 years, the city has kept kindergarten teachers' salaries at the same level as the school teachers’, indicating that this is indeed a high priority for the us," Belobrovtsev said. “In September this year, salaries of kindergarten teachers and hobby school teachers will increase to 1,315€. However, I am particularly pleased with the 13% raise of the salary of the assistant teachers which will be 750€ starting from September. The resources needed to do this are planned in the 2020 city budget."