Tallinn’s hospitals and social welfare institutions to receive 300 000 additional face masks

300 000 surgical face masks ordered by the City of Tallinn have been delivered and will be distributed to the hospitals, social welfare institutions, district governments and other institutions of Tallinn.

Mayor Mr Mihhail Kõlvart said that Tallinn started with ordering additional protective equipment already in the beginning of March, which is why the orders have been delivered right now, when they are needed the most. “Our main goal is guaranteeing that our hospitals – East-Tallinn Central Hospital, West-Tallinn Central Hospital, Tallinn Children’s Hospital as well as Tallinn Emergency Medical Service ambulance teams are equipped with protective equipment until the beginning of May when the emergency situation is supposed to end to our best knowledge and by the primary deadline given by the Government. Our priority is very clearly to guarantee an adequate supply of protective equipment to the hospitals and social welfare workers,” explained Kõlvart. The Mayor also expressed thanks to Decora, the company that delivered the much needed equipment quickly.

Some of the masks will be used by the municipal police officers, staff of Iru nursing home, Tallinn’s orphanage, centres for children at risk, support and social centres as well as other social welfare institutions. Furthermore, the city will distribute respirators to the institutions who need it the most, and an additional shipment of these is also expected to arrive in the near future.

Tallinn is also actively seeking options for ordering protective visors meant for the staff of social welfare institutions, especially for those providing home care services. One of the most important advantages of the visors is that they can be reused if cleaned and disinfected properly.

Some of the already ordered additional protective equipment is still under way. The City is also actively working on finding ways to get more of these very necessary items.