Tallinn’s street lights to be turned on for reduced time during the night

Starting today, the timing system of nightly street lights will be adjusted – in the evenings, the lights will come on a bit later and in the mornings, are turned off earlier.

Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf noted that the city is adjusting the system of night lights due to the emergency situation and the restrictions put in place. „Since the percentage of LED-lamps has increased in Tallinn, we can curb the time when lights are turned on during the night. In contrast to the old sodium-vapour lamp, the new LED-lights do not need any time to warm up, but give 100% of light when turned on, makes the light saving possible,“ added Klandorf.

The Head of the North Prefect, Kristian Jaani said that the street lights rises the level of security during autumn and winter, when we have low levels of natural daylight. „During the spring and summer, we have enough of natural daylight and I believe that curbing the time of when the lights are turned on during the night, should not affect the level of security in the city. The police will monitor the situation constantly, but Tallinn is a safe city, one should not be worried about when and where to move around,“ noted Jaani.

The time when the night lights are turned on, will be cut down according to the Schedule – from April 15 until May 31, the lights will turn on 15 minutes later and in the mornings, turned off 15 minutes earlier. From June 1 through 31 July, the lights will be switched on and off an hour later respectively. Starting August 1 until the end of the year, the lights will be turned off 15 minutes later and in the mornings, turned on 15 minutes earlier.

This yearm, the new system allows the city to save close to 300,000 euros.