Tallinn supports the fund-raising for helping Australian animals with 15 000 euros

The City Goverment decided today to make a contribution to helping the animals who have been hurt or lost their habitat in the ongoing Australian bushfires.

The Mayor of Tallinn, Mr. Mihhail Kõlvart said that the fires affect not only the burnt areas but it also has global consequences and therefore has an effect on all of us. According to estimates, around one billion animals have died and many survivors have nowhere to live. “The Australian continent has a unique fauna and it is our joint natural heritage. No one really knows how many species are at the brink of extinction due to the fires, but it is believed that many already endangered species are in a much worse situation,” said the Mayor.

According to Mr. Kõlvart, this is the reason why many countries are raising money and actively looking for opportunities to help Australia in this very difficult situation and this is also the reason behind the donation of the City of Tallinn. “One of the main causes of the fire is the climate warming which has brought lengthened drought periods and very high temperatures. Since the causes of climate warming are global, all developed countries have their role and responsibility in helping to find relief amidst this crisis. What waits us in the future, depends on us.”

Tallinn’s donation will be transferred to the partner organisation in Australia by the Tallinn Zoo. The zoo will add 24,000 euros raised by the visitors since May of last year for its species protection fund. The Friends of the Zoo Society will support animals in Australia with extra 6,100 euros. Voluntary donations are also being raised – so far, 11,170 euros have been gathered. The donations will be transfered directly to the Zoo and Aquarium Association’s (ZAA) Australian Wildlife Conservation Fund to support the work of local animal rescue and rehabilitation centers in helping the animals who are hurt and have lost their habitat. The fund has been supported by many zoos and other international organisations around the world.

Mr. Tiit Maran, the director of the Tallinn Zoo said that the cooperation network gives us a reliable opportuinity for supporting the work of Australian animal rescue and rehabilitation centres who help and later rehabilitate the animals hurt in the fires. ”What is happening in Australia is a global crisis which has to be dealth with globally. The international community of the zoos is doing everything they can,” added the director. “It is proud to be among the people who care even when the immediate crisis seems to be far away,” said Mr Maran.

The donations will be raised until the end of January.

You can help the Australian animals by donating: 

SEB Bank EE311010220061053015, SWIFT: EEUHEE2X

Swedbank  EE532200221035708677, SWIFT: HABAEE2X

Luminor Bank  EE481700017001237124, SWIFT: NDEAEE2X

LHV Bank  EE437700771000968905, SWIFT: LHVBEE22

The donations will be raised until the end of January.


Recipient: Tallinna Linnakantselei

Reference number: 5229000352100023

Payment explanation: Austraalia

Donations made from outside the EU may donate through Paypal: tlss.mtu@gmail.com