Tallinn to cancel many major events until the end of July

The City of Tallinn decided to cancel or postpone many previously planned major events until the end of July with the aim to protect the health of the residents and to prevent further outbreaks of the novel coronavirus.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev said that the decision had to be made because it is still unclear when the infection is contained in Estonia and the world. „Major events would bring a lot of guests from all over the world – this poses a risk of a new wave of infections. This is why we had to cancel events that have become a tradition such as celebrating Tallinn Day, Old Town Days and Maritime Days as well as many international sports competitions,“ said Belobrovtsev. „I believe that if we all continue to make an effort via avoiding direct contact and adhering to all measures of the emergency situation, autumn will welcome us with a rich cultural programme.“

All public and sports events organized by Tallinn that were planned to take place in May, June and July are either cancelled or postponed. „We had great plans for celebrating Tallinn Day on May 15 that we have to forgo, but we are trying to come up with some interesting alternative activities, for example, the traditional Tallinn dictation event will take place online this year,“ added Belobrovtsev. „In addition, the city is prepared to host free events over the course of the summer that can be organized keeping in mind the situation and measures in place during that time – we most definitely wish to provide quality entertainment for our citizens also during this difficult time.“

The Deputy Mayor noted that the city cannot decide for entrepreneurs, but it is hoped that all can understand how serious the situation is and follow the same principles. „Sports organizations have made their decisions – many international competitions are either postponed or cancelled. U17 European championship is cancelled, IRONMAN Tallinn 2020 planned in the beginning of August will take place at the first weekend of September.  International curling competitions White Nights Trophy 2020 and Tallinn One Day Mixed Doubles Challenge 2020 and those of Baltic Futsal League are postponed. In addition, the international gymnastics competition Elegance Cup 2020, the 17th World Deaf Chess Championship and the Tallinn Indoor Cup 2020 casting will also be postponed“ noted Belobrovtsev.

Seven important sports competitions have been already postponed. This includes International Ice Hockey Federation’s U18 World Championship (Division II, group A) and table hockey world tournament Tallinn Cup 2020.

Organizers of Maijooks, which is the largest mass recreational sports event in Estonia, will make a final decision after the government gives new guidelines on hosting public events.