Tallinn to create new attractions at the Zoo and develop the Botanical Garden

Next year the city will continue the development of the unique Cloud Forest and the preparation of the Tiger Valley at the Tallinn Zoo. The Palm House at the Tallinn Botanical Garden will undergo extensive reconstruction too.

The draft 2020 municipal budget envisages 2.6 million euros for the Cloud Forest and 1.5 million euros for the Tiger Valley at the Tallinn Zoo, and 5.5 million euros for investments in the Tallinn Botanical Garden.

According to Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Kalle Klandorf, the new facilities will make the Zoo more attractive and give even regular customers a reason to go and discover the newly developed exhibits. “The new exhibits will certainly attract more visitors, including foreign tourists,” noted Klandorf. “Estonia’s only zoo which celebrated its 80th anniversary this August has consistently invested in development over the recent years, opened new attractions and made efforts to improve animal welfare, and will continue to do so in 2020.”

The Cloud Forest is a modern and comprehensive attraction that allows experiencing a tropical ecosystem characteristic to Southeast Asia. It is almost like taking a trip to Southeast Asia as it is built around a forest element complemented by virtual reality exhibits designed to enhance real-life elements and visitor experience. The Cloud Forest consists of five areas: cave, tunnel, greenhouse, forest and terrarium.

The Tallinn Zoo in partnership with the Fellowship of the Tallinn Zoo intends to develop the Tiger Valley - a new attraction. The concept of Tiger Valley is already in place and American zoo designers have completed their sketch drawings. The design work should be completed and construction should begin next year. The Tiger Valley is a large area located between the current Tiger Cage and Aviary Ponds, and the Elephant House and the Kangaroo Area. The Tiger Valley will be positioned right next to the building that will accommodate the tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia. The rain forest building will have a cafe where visitors can eye the tiger through a glass window.

Next year the Palm House at the Tallinn Botanical Garden is planned to undergo renovation and the construction of the new auxiliary facility should begin. Further, the Botanical Garden plans to continue the reconstruction of its water system and outdoor exhibition areas (Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Willow Garden), and start with designing the composting area.