Tallinn to double its investments in sports, recreation and youth work

Next year the city will double its investments in the sphere of sports, recreation and youth work whereas the corresponding operating costs should increase by 7.1% compared to this year.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, next year the city will continue to provide the citizens with a variety of opportunities for engaging in physical exercise and sports. “We will support various sports projects and associations, sports centres, and well established international competitions that promote and enrich the sports life in the nation’s capital and allow it to be in the centre of attention,” said Belobrovtsev. “By funding sports with a total of 5.7 million euros we support the sports activities of 22,500 youngsters aged 7-19 and people suffering from permanent incapacity for work (at least 40%), and continue to contribute to the health surveys of young athletes. Also, we would like to pay more attention to active lifestyles by advancing the network of tracks for recreational sports in the city and supporting the series of competitions titled “Tallinn on the Move!”.”

Tallinn provides nearly 1.4 million euros for the development of young and talented top athletes through the Tallinn Sports College. The Sports College provides grants and activities to support the successful careers of more than 500 talented athletes and more than 50 coaches. Likewise, the city extends the programme Sport in Schools that is implemented across 17 schools in Tallinn. The programme is designed for 7-8-year-old students and aims to introduce the fundamentals of various sports in coordination with sports clubs and qualified coaches. The ultimate goal is to promote active lifestyles and sports among students and hence increase their physical activity.

 The city has teamed up with the central government to reconstruct the Kalevi Stadium and the first phase should be completed by the end of 2020. 1.8 million euros are planned in the municipal budget for reconstructing the Kalevi Stadium and 1 million euros for renewing the practice field of Kadrioru Stadium. The drafting of the design project for reconstructing the athletics facility of Tallinn Sports Hall should begin next year subject to a planned budget of 350,000 euros. The lighting of the main arena at Tondiraba Sports Centre will be improved to meet the requirements for international television broadcasts. Preparations are being made to build a football field and install an inflatable hall on the stadium at Punane tn 69 in Lasnamäe.

Further, the construction of football, basketball and volleyball fields across the districts will continue. In addition to the ski trails in Pirita and at Nõmme Recreational Sports Centre, the recreational trails at Stroomi, Järve, Paepargi and Tondiraba will be made available for skiing provided that there is natural snow cover. Furthermore, various smaller repair operations at sports and recreational facilities will be carried out.

The draft 2020 municipal budget includes nearly 4.7 million euros for investments in recreation and youth work which is almost twice as much as in 2019 whereas the amount set aside for operating costs is almost 22 million euros.