Tallinn to improve living environment for its residents

Next year the city will invest in improving the living environment of its residents by building new residential premises for those in need and supporting housing cooperatives through various measures.

According to Deputy Mayor Eha Võrk, Tallinn is consistently contributing to the improvement and development of the living environment for its citizens. “Tallinn has established a solid cooperation with more than 6,000 housing cooperatives and next year we plan to continue awarding various grants to them. In the meantime we will focus on solving the housing problems of persons in need. One of our priorities is to provide housing services to the least privileged citizens who lack their own housing or are not self-sufficient,” explained the Deputy Mayor. “The city has approved a housing program for seniors with its first phase being the construction of senior housing at Maleva tänav in Northern Tallinn to take into account the needs of elderly and create suitable conditions for them. At the same time, the design process for intergenerational housing to be developed in Lasnamäe will begin. Such buildings will also feature premises for the provision of public services as well as for various non-profit organisations.”

The development of senior housing at Maleva tn 18 began this summer and the building is to be completed in autumn 2020. It will accommodate a total of 80 apartments - 76 single-room and 4 double-room. 80% of apartments are designed to meet the requirements of disabled persons. The ground floor includes common premises and support services. 2.5 million euros for the project comes from KredEx. The total cost is 7.5 million euros whereof 2.6 million euros are envisaged in the 2020 budget.

Next year the design process for new community housing at Tammsaare tee 135 in Mustamäe will begin. The old structure on the plot - former office building of Mustamäe District Government - was demolished this year. The new building will accommodate up to 15 municipally owned apartments, up to 84 apartments intended for social housing, and premises for social institutions. The total cost is 15.5 million euros whereof 200,000 million euros are envisaged in the 2020 budget.

In addition, the next year’s budget will include the renovation of community housing at Vilde tee 94, Energia tn 13, and Männiku tee 96 and 98a.

A total of five million euros are planned for investments in the sphere of urban management in the draft 2020 municipal budget.