Tallinn to raise public transport ticket prices for non-residents for first time in eight years

Tallinn City Government has submitted a draft regulation to the City Council, proposing an increase in public transport ticket prices for non-residents from the new year. The right of free travel to the island of Aegna will be limited to residents of the island.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov noted that the last time the public transport prices in Tallinn were changed was in 2012, in connection with the implementation of an electronic ticketing system. “The number of public transport users as well as route carriage volumes have increased significantly in the intervening years. From the beginning of this year, Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS had to take over the servicing of 11 existing bus routes, and we also opened new bus routes in the second half of the year,” Novikov explained. “This way, we have improved and expanded on the options available to public transport users, while continuing to provide city residents with free public transport, incl. free travel on Elron trains within Tallinn. Although Elron has also raised its fares in recent years, we have kept our ticket prices frozen, and even now, after this price increase, they will remain lower than in some of the medium-sized cities.”

Single-ride tickets will be replaced by one-hour tickets. The price of an hour-ticket bought from the bus driver will remain the same (2 euros).  The price of an hour-ticket, when purchased with a Public Transport Card or with a contactless bank card will be 1.5 euros, while day tickets will cost 4.5 euros. The price of a one-hour concession ticket will be 75 cents. From the new year, the price of a three-day ticket will be 7.5 euros and a five-day ticket will cost 9 euros. A 30-day ticket will be available for 30 euros, with the concession price set at 13 euros.

A conference ticket has been developed as a new product for event organisers that apply for the right of free use of public transport for their participants. The participants will be given tickets with a unique code, which must be validated upon entering a public transport vehicle.

The audio signals of the validators will also change – successful registration of travel rights will be indicated by one long signal. Two short signals will mean that the user has no right of travel.

From the new year, QR-tickets for tourists can be bought from ticket vending machines installed at Tallinn Airport and the Coach Station, with further installations planned at the Balti Jaam train station and the A and D terminals of the passenger port.

The right of free travel to the island of Aegna will continue to apply to residents of the island, as well as pre-school children and persons with disabilities. A one-way ticket to Aegna will cost 4 euros, with a return ticket priced at 6 euros. Concession tickets for students and the elderly will cost 2 euros for a one-way ticket and 3.8 euros for a return ticket.

Ticket price comparison table: