Tallinn to reopen playgrounds and outdoor sports areas step-by-step

Starting from Monday, May 11, Tallinn will begin reopening public playgrounds, sports areas and the outdoor arenas of various sport institutions. All contact surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned prior the gradual reopening of the objects.

Deputy Mayor Mr Vadim Belobrovtsev noted that the outdoor sporting sites managed by the Sports and Youth Department will be, in the first phase, opened for groups of up to ten people  for organized sports activities – for various clubs who are obliged to follow the orders and restrictions given by the Government.

„Disinfectants will be provided, all surfaces regularly cleaned and personal protective equipment for the employees will also be ensured. Every sports centre will have to adhere to special requirements which vary based on the specific sports people engage on their premises,“ added Belobrovtsev.

The Deputy Mayor said that only the grounds from which the tapes and temporary fences have been removed can be entered.

In addition the the restrictions and requirements put in place by the Government, the terms of use of each sports centre will specify how many people are allowed on the premises at one time, which activities are allowed and which are prohbited, how disinfection is done, etc. For private customers, the centres are planned to be open starting from June 1.

The centres that will be opened:

  • Nõmme Sports Centre (Nõmme Spordikeskus)
  • Pirita Sports Centre (Pirita Spordikeskus)
  • Kadrioru Stadium (Kadrioru staadion)                     
  • Harku Rowing Centre (Harku Sõudebaas)
  • Snelli Stadium (Snelli staadion)
  • Outdoor basketball field of Sõle Sports Centre (Sõle Spordikeskuse välikorvpalliväljak)
  • Härma stadium and utdoor fields (Härma staadion ja väliväljakud)

Opening of school stadiums is also possible starting from Monday – based on the decision of the school and only if the compliance with the 2+2 rule, availability of disinfectants and the regular cleaning of the surfaces can be ensured.

Additional information on Tallinn’s COVID-19 restrictions exit strategy can be found here.