Tallinn to repair streets of residential zones

Tallinn has started milling and repaving the streets, major reconstruction works are to continue and the main focus is on repairing the roads and pavements inside residential zones.

Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf said that repairing the streets of residential zones is a priority for the city together with the timely finish of major reconstruction works. „8 million euros are put into repair works of the roads and streets of Tallinn’s residential zones from this year’s budget,“ noted Klandorf. „We will begin with the works step-by-step – in Mustamäe, milling has started on some of the streets and this week, repaving roads and reconstructing pathways and parking spots, and adding new parking places will begin on Õismäe road in Haabersti. Other City Districts are to go under preparatory works at the same time“.

Of the major works that begun last year, the construction of Valdeku Street on the section inbetween Vabaduse Avenue and Pärnu road will be finished in May. In July, construction works of Tedre Street (Mooni st-Sõpruse avenue) and Koidu street (Paldiski road-Endla road section) will also end. By the end of November, Tähetorni Street (the section between Paldiski road and Kadaka Avenue) will also be completed, the section will have better and safer moving environment.

Reconstruction works have begun in Mustamäe on Raja Street (Akadeemia road – Üliõpilase road), in North Tallinn on Maleva street and a pathway will also be created in front of Turba 2. In the near future, reconstruction works of Mäe parking lot of the Song Festival Grounds and Varraku bridge will also begin. Preparations for reconstructing Sütiste road pavement, Nõmme road (Tedre Street – Kajaka Street) and Seebi Street are under way. The pathway of Kakumäe road (Soolahe Street – tip of the peninsula) are also to be paved.