Tallinn to support families whose children are in private kindergartens

Tallinn City Goverment decided to support families whose children are in private kindergartens equally with those parents whose children attend municipal kindergartens.

This means that the city will implement a new measure which will guarantee smaller expenses for all families with preschoolers going to kindergarten for the period of the emergency situation.

The City of Tallinn has already supported private child care providers with 187 EUR per child, in the same sum as for children in municipal kindergartens. The additional subsidy of 71.25 EUR will support the idea of private kindergartens being ready to welcome kids and the bills of parents whose children are in private preschool institutions, are a bit more manageable.

By implementing the new measure, the city supports private kindergartens remaining open so that if necessary, working parents who cannot stay home have an opportunity to take their child to the current, already familiar kindergarten.

“In the emergency situation, the City will financially support all of the families whose children are in kindergartens regardless of whether they attend municipal or private kindergartens. Parents whose children are in municipal kindergartens, have already benefited from the city’s decision to waive the kindergarten fee temporarily for them and now we have decided to support those whose children are in private kindergartens with an equal sum. The specifics of the measure are still debated, but the principal decision has been made” said the Mayor of Tallinn, Mr Mihhail Kõlvart.

The need for additional financial support comes from the general economic situation in which also the parents using private kindergarten services may have difficulties due to the current crisis. Furthermore, among the parents whose children are in private care are also doctors, nurses or law enforcement representatives who cannot stay home, they are actively fighting the consequences of the crisis and also need a safe place where their children are taken care of. This said, the new measure contributes that those who are in forefront of fighting to contain the spread of COVID-19 spread can do that.

The private kindergartens of Tallinn offer services to about 800 children.

For more information on the measures taken due to the spread of COVID-19 check our designated webpage HERE.