Tallinn to waive fees of municipal hobby schools until the end of emergency situation

Students of Tallinn’s various municipal hobby schools are exempted from the study fees starting from April regardless wheter the student engages in distance learning or not.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev said that the city has made the decision due to the rapidly worsening economic situation which has caused abrupt changes to the income of many parents and caregivers. „Hobby schools have implemented distance learning, just as all general education schools, but it is not possible to complete the curriculum to the full extent. This is why we have exempted all students of Tallinn’s municipal hobby schools from paying the fees until the end of the ongoing emergency situation,“ explained Belobrovtsev. „The montlhy fees range from 25-70 euros per student – saving this every month will definitely ease the burden on family budget,“ added the Deputy Mayor.

There are ten municipal hobby schools in Tallinn, including three music and one art school with 8827 students aged 4-19 (statistics from October). In addition, Collegium Educationis Revaliae (Old Town Educational College) has their own hobby schools with 830 students.

All parents with children in municipal kindergartens of the city are also exempted from paying the monthly place fee. In the case of private kindergarten allowance, an application with documents proving payment of the kindergarten’s invoice have to be sent to Tallinn Education Department. Application for daycare allowance needs to submitted to Social Welfare Department of the City District where your child is registred.

For more information on the measures taken due to the spread of COVID-19 check our designated webpage HERE.