Tallinners need to submit an application to receive additional private kindergarten allowance

Families and caregivers with children in private kindergartens need to submit an application in order to receive the additional private kindergarten allowance. The €71,25 allowance paid for children in private kindergartens and day-cares supports all families with pre-schoolers equally – the municipal kindergarten fee has been waved for families too.

„We support all pre-schoolers equally regardless of which kind of educational institution they attend. Only the system is a bit different – if the children in municipal kindergartens are exempted from paying the fee automatically, those in private kindergartens need to apply for the allowance,“ said the Deputy Mayor Mr Vadim Belobrovtsev. „These support measures help to lessen the financial burden on the wallets of many parents. Supporting our people is especially important in these very difficult times in which many have suffered pay cuts or lost their jobs,“ added the Deputy Mayor.

To apply for the additional private kindergarten allowance, a parent or a caregiver must submit a free form application together with the payment receipts. One application can also be filed for both March and April together. The additional allowance for children in day-cares is automatically added to the main allowance that the parents or caregivers have applied for.

The students of municipal kindergartens and hobby schools are also exempted from paying the place fees. The measures are in place until the Tallinn City Council decides otherwise.