The International House of Estonia will be opened for clients on November 27th!

Welcome to Estonia foreign talents! The one-stop-shop service centre called International House of Estonia will be opened on the 27th of November at 9am. Address Valukoja 8, Tallinn.

International House of Estonia is a service center for internationals in Estonia (one-stop-shop) to communicate with the state, to receive counselling and to create a network. The services of the International house are aimed at internationals (mainly specialists) who have come to Estonia to work or to study, but also for their spouse and for the company that hires international specialists.

Its purpose is to create a common service center for internationals (mainly specialists) who have relocated to Estonia and for the companies that hire international specialists in order to provide information and services in one place, to support a smoother relocation process and to help the international specialist adapt better into the society.
Benefits for international specialists – you can have answers to all your questions regarding documentation, settling in, finding a network and/or a job, participate in events and much more, from one place. Benefits include:
–– availability of services that support adapting
–– saving time – services and information from one place
–– possibility to create contacts
–– positive experience of Estonia and its services

Benefits for companies:
–– a smoother foreign recruitment process
–– wider choice of talents
–– a satisfied international employee

Benefits for the public sector / community:
–– economic growth (possibility to involve more talent and foreign investments)
–– sustainability (improved inclusion of international specialists in the economy)
–– reducing work load of other service centers

Source: workinestonia.com