The city gives Estonian Food Bank additional space to use

Tallinn City Government decided today to close the City Shop (a grocery store owned by the city) and give the rooms used by it to the Food Bank together with all the items left in the shop’s stock. Tallinn also supports the cause financially – in addition to the already decided financial aid earlier this year, the Food Bank will be supported with 15,000 more euros.

„The situation that we live in today has showed that the number of people in need will keep growing and so will the workload of the Food Bank. We foresee an increase of the families where one of the members have lost their jobs. That is why we have decided to direct our support to those, who have a lost a part of their income or who have none at all. New spaces have better conditions and allow the organisation to reach more people in need,“ said the Deputy Mayor Betina Beškina. „The food bank is a long-time, reliable partner of Tallinn and it aims to help people in need directly,“ said Beškina.

The Food Bank will get the City Shop’s rooms at Punane Street 48a, in the C building with an area of 260 square meters in total.

“The City Government submitted a bill to the City Council, according to which the additional premises will be given to the Food Bank for rent free of charge until the end of the year. Only utility costs will have to be taken care of by the Food Bank," Beškina noted.

Last year, the city supported Food Bank with 73,600 euros, and this year the total amount of financial support is 98,600 euros. The Food Bank will also be handed over the shop’s unsold food supplies and basic consumer goods such as toilet paper and cleaning products with the value of approximately EUR 5,500.

The shop will be open until Saturday, April 18. The Food Bank will start using the premises as soon as possible.

More than 3,000 Tallinners in need receive a weekly food package from the Food Bank. In addition, the Food Bank distributes EU food aid to approximately 10,000 Tallinners each year.