The mayors of Tallinn and Helsinki discussed twin city cooperation

On Friday, Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart met with Jan Vapaavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki. Joint environmental protection, open data developments and the idea of common transport ticket app were among the topics discussed.

"We have a lot in common. I think it is very important that the cooperation between the two cities happens on very specific topics. As an example, we would like to thank the City of Tallinn for leading the works on the project of a joint ticketing system,”said the Mayor of Helsinki.

“We discussed the most important joint projects, such as the common ticket system. The system is not fully ready, but in April we will be launching a joint app in which one can purchase public transport tickets for both Tallinn and Helsinki. Our side will provide the app, but it can also be used by the residents of Helsinki. The project is not yet complete, it still has development prospects, for example, implementing a joint card system,”said Mayor of Tallinn, Mihhail Kõlvart.

“We also talked about the future, there are many interesting projects under consideration. One of the most promising cooperation fields is open data. Both cities are developing the system, we know that in today's world, a lot of knowledge can be created from open data. Cooperation between the two cities creates new synergies, new opportunities and new potential. We agree that this is the most promising area of cooperation right now,” added Kõlvart.

The mayors also reviewed options of improving the condition of the Baltic Sea. “We share the sea between us and much can be done to improve its condition. That is the reason why the topic is also represented on our agendas, „said Vapaavuori. “We live in a world where the contribution of cities in solving global problems is crucial. At the same time, our world is also one where digitalization is gaining significant importance and technical progress is fast. In regard of these topics, Tallinn and Helsinki are leading the way. ”

A co-operation agreement has been concluded between the two cities, whereby a meeting of the Mayors takes places twice a year, alternating between Helsinki and Tallinn. The purpose of the meetings is to review the status of the topics agreed on in the cooperation agenda and to set new guidelines. In between the official meetings, the topics in constant progress are worked on in the city officials’ bilateral communication.