Thursday: Tallinn Day events to start with a street washers’ parade

On Thursday, May 14, the celebrations of Tallinn Day will continue with a day dedicated to culture. The day will be kicked off with a parade of street sweepers starting at 7 AM.

„It is without doubt that a cultural city is also one with a tidy urban environment. This is something we work on every day,“ said Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf. „During this year’s spring cleaning efforts, we have already collected about 4,000 tons of debris from the streets and about 21,300 cubic meters of water have been used for washing the streets. To celebrate Tallinn Day, we will be hosting a citywide street cleaning day, with the aim to recognize people who work for us to have a clean city to enjoy.“

The parade of street washers starts opposite the East Tallinn Central Hospital’s Magdaleena Unit at the intersection of Paide Street, where Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf will as a tradition, opens the water tap of one of the street washers and sends the machines on the streets of Tallinn.

Two groups of street washing machines, a total of 6 cars, will move towards the City centre via Pärnu Road viaduct. Three machines with an outgoing direction will commence washing the streets as well. On the course of the day, all of the main streets of Tallinn will be thoroughly washed. In both of the mentioned directions, municipal police patrols will momentarily shut down traffic so that the three cars could line up side by side and begin work.

Live broadcast of the event at tallinn.ee/tallinnapaev and Facebook page of Tallinn