Traffic changes at Russalka

Slight changes in traffic arrangements will be made in Tallinn at the intersection of Narva maantee and Pirita tee effective from 9:00 P.M. on Thursday, 13 June.

Two lanes will remain available in both directions on the newly laid pavement where traffic will be directed in accordance with the new arrangements. It should be noted that the right-hand lane going from Pirita towards the centre is free-flowing which means that there are no traffic lights. The free-flow lane starts on Pirita tee from the pedestrian crossing at the Song Festival Ground and ends with the regulated pedestrian crossing at the Chinese embassy. Narva maantee which connects the city centre to Lasnamäe will have 1+1 lanes available.

Road users should note that there is still no left turn onto Narva maantee available for drivers coming from Pirita just as there is no right turn from Narva maantee towards Pirita. Drivers looking to go from Pirita tee to Narva maantee or from Narva maantee to Pirita tee should use alternative routes. The described traffic arrangements will remain in force until mid-August.