Weatherproof benches installed in Tammsaare park

The installation of new, weatherproof benches has started in Tammsaare Park. The park will have a new look by Tallinn Day, 15 May.

According to Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf, the benches installed during the reconstruction of the park will be replaced because they did not withstand the weather conditions. "The benches were made of the materials foreseen in the architectural solution, but unfortunately they turned out not to be weatherproof. In addition, water got into the benches, which ruined them even more, " Klandorf explained. "We will be installing 94 new benches in Tammsaare Park, which differ from the previous ones in terms of construction, technology and colour, and their maintenance is easier than before."

The city is investing 144,648 euros in the new benches, this includes the oiling and the autumn maintenance of the benches.

The new benches were developed in cooperation of the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department and the architects who created the original design of the park and the bench manufacturer Extery OÜ. The results of the expertise commissioned to evaluate the deformations of the previous benches were taken into account. In the same weather and environmental conditions, different constructions were tested during the previous two years and the type of bench to be installed was selected.

The selected bench type is from a new product line offered by Extery OÜ - a modular urban furniture system that allows you to easily create complete seating areas. It can be used in different combinations. The backrests of the benches can be placed side by side or opposite to create cosy environments for spending time.

Previously, the benches and other smaller objects were designed to be in light tones, as a result of testing various solutions, a choice was made in favour of brownish tones. The benches will be  installed as seating modules of different sizes in groups at the locations specified by the architects.