„What is the internal image of the entrepreneur and why it is important to understand for creating and developing efficient businesses?“

Tallinna Ettevõtlusamet koostöös Tallinna Tehnikaülikooliga kutsub osalema loengusarja "Ettevõtlusakadeemia 2019" seminaril 17. jaanuaril 2019 kell 10.00-11.30 TTÜ Mektory Ärimudelite laboris aadressil Raja 15 Tallinnas.

Ettevõtlusakadeemia seminari What is the internal image of the entrepreneur and why it is important to understand for creating and developing efficient businesses?“ lektor on Pavel Prokushenkov, TalTech majandusteaduskonna ärikorralduse instituudi külalislektor.

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There is an opinion that if all people around the world take away all the money, property and other assets and give exactly 10,000 euros to everyone, then in a year the situation will again be the same as it was. Why does this happen? What is an internal image and how does it help entrepreneurs to be efficient? How to reveal your own internal image and your competitive advantages? How to formulate the basic value of your business?.

Pavel Prokushenkov is a lecturer on entrepreneurship, business planning, and innovation management in TalTech and EBS. Pavel received his master's degree as an aviation engineer. He became an entrepreneur in 1991 and was involved in a large number of international projects in real estate, manufacturing, fashion and consulting. Pavel supports a practical approach to business. He has considerable experience in the enterprises creation and development, as well as in company management, both in rapid growth and in crisis.

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