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Disposing old Christmas trees

Disposing old Christmas trees

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Christmas tree illustration

There are many ways to get rid of a Christmas tree. An old Christmas tree is treated as waste and can be disposed of in the same way as other waste (bulky waste). If you don't have transport, the easiest way to get rid of your Christmas tree is to arrange for it to be collected by a waste collector in your area and put it in a container at an agreed time. You can find information on your local waste carrier here.

NOTE: The Christmas tree must not be wrapped in plastic, decorations, plastic, cloth or any other material. Artificial fibers and decorations can be handed over to recycling centers or put in a mixed waste container. Christmas lights are part of electrical waste and must be taken to a waste collection point.

If a resident of Tallinn has the possibility and the wish to transport Christmas trees themselves, they can be taken to all waste collection points in Tallinn free of charge (up to 0.6 m3). It is recommended to cut up and pack up Christmas trees before taking them away.

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For more information on collection points and events in the districts, please contact the local council.

In 2023, spruces can be taken to the following collection points: 


(29.12.2022 – 22.01.2023)

  • Next to the waste bins situated in the parking lot behind Nõmme market
  • Next to the waste bins of Nõmme Social Housing at Pihlaka tn 12
  • Next to the waste disposal house at Vabaduse pst 207
  • Next to the waste bins opposite of Trummi tn 38a
  • Next to the waste bins at Valdeku tn 158
  • In the corner of the basketball court at Uueristi tn 10
  • Next to the waste bins opposite of Ilmarise tn 42
  • Next to the waste bin at Viisi tn 29


City Centre (Kesklinn)

(02.01.2023 16.01.2023)

  • At the end of Luite tn (next to Luite tn 46)
  • On the crossroad of Kuristiku tn and Oru tn (Kadriorg)
  • At Adamson tn 34 (Kassisaba)
  • In the parking lot on Jalgpalli tn/Asula tn (Kitseküla and Uus-Maailm)
  • In the parking lot of Imanta tn, next to Liivalaia tn 40 (Keldrimäe and Juhkentali)
  • Next to the packaging waste collecting site at Vaikne park/Magasini tn (Veerenni subdistrict)
  • In the parking lot across Vesivärava tn 34 (Kadriorg)
  • The site next to the old court house on Tatari tn/Uus-Tatari tn.
  • Koidu tn 80 (Uus Maailm)



(01.01.2023 22.01.2023)

  • The green area next to a parking lot located at Akadeemia tee 30a (across the road from the ISS office)
  • The green area next to the stadion, located behind the Mustamäe culture centre Kaja
  • Next to the parking lot in front of Maxima grocery store at Kiili tn 16
  • The green area between Lehola Kindergarten at Mustamäe tee 187 and apartment building at Vilde tee 79
  • The green area between Vilde tee 92 and Vilde tee 96
  • The green area between Grossi grocery store behind Tammsaare tee 99
  • The green area between Parditiigi park behind Tammsaare tee 74
  • The green area between Sütiste tee 24 and Sütiste tee 28 (Liivaku shopping centre)
  • Next to the clothes bin located next to Sütiste tee 39
  • Next to the packaging bins in the parking lot situated behind Vilde tee 101
  • The green area between Retke tee 26 and Retke tee 28
  • The green area at Pöörise tn 4
  • The green area across Viro Tools AS on Lehtri tn.
  • Near the clothes bin on Mäepealse tn.



(02.01.2023 31.01.2023)

  • The corner of Majaka tn and Lasnamäe tn (the green area in front of Majaka)
  • The green area on Pae tn 48a
  • The green area on Võru tn 16
  • The green area behind Vikerlase 13 tn (Kahu Street)
  • The green area between Grossi grocery store and the school stadium in Katleri subdistrict
  • The green area at Läänemere tee 8
  • The green area near Läänemere tee 19
  • The green area across Kivila 34, on Kivila street
  • The green area at Mahtra 9, near Mustakivi Konsum grocery store
  • The green area between Raadiku tn 4 and Raadiku tn 8
  • The green area between Ümera Maxima and Grossi grocery stores
  • The green area at Kalevipoja 10 (from Vikerlase Street)
  • The green area at J.Smuuli  8
  • The green area at Ussimäe 2a
  • The green area near Uuslinna street 9 and stadium (Võidujooksu 8) 


(28.12.2022 – 31.01.2023)

  • At the Kopli tn gate of Kopli Kalmistupark, situated at Kopli 69c
  • The parking lot behind Erika bus stop located at Tööstuse 56
  • Near Pelgulinna Selver grocery store on Sõle 51 (2)
  • The parking lot on the corner of Salme tn and Kalevi tn, located next to Salme Culture Centre at Salme 12
  • Kalaranna tn T9 – at the street corner of Kalaranna and Lennusadama (near the advertisement of Iglupark Christmas Land)
  • In the parking lot behind Niine 2 



(04.01.2023 – 17.01.2023)

  • Kuldnoka 12a
  • Tedre 81a, 58, 77a
  • Kirsi 8a (behind Kirsi 6)
  • Sõstra tn 1a
  • Behind Välja 8
  • Endla 49b
  • The yard of Vindi 18a
  • Kotka 24a
  • Seebi 30a
  • Seebi 34
  • Next to Alajaama 1
  • Energia 2b
  • Paldiski mnt 65b
  • Nõmme tee 52
  • The corner of Maasika tn and Vaarika tn 



(02.01.2023 – 16.01.2023)

  • Võsa tee 26
  • The corner of Haljas tee and Pähkli tee
  • In front of Haaviku tee 16/Kesktee 48
  • The corner of Kõlviku tee and Lepiku tee
  • The corner of Hunditubaka tee, Vabaõhukooli tee and Teelehe tee.
  • The beginning of Lodjapuu tee and Oblika tee 



(06.01.2023 – 29.01.2023)

  • Räime tn 52 – Kakumäe Beach parking lot no. 1
  • Järveotsa tee 15a – behind Järveotsa 1b building
  • Astangu street – behind Astangu 68 building
  • Õismäe tee 22a – next to the playground
  • Õismäe tee 110a parking lot corner
  • Piibelehe street, near the message board
  • Mustjõe tn 40


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