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Pelguaed Allotment Garden

Pelguaed Allotment Garden

Pelgu Allotment Garden is an innovative urban community garden in Tallinn, designed to provide city residents with modern opportunities for growing food, spending leisure time, and organizing community events and outdoor educational activities. 

Pelgu Allotment Garden will open in spring 2024 at the intersection of Putukaväila in North Tallinn district, more specifically at the corner of Kolde pst and Ehte tn (the garden will be open as soon as the use permit will be issued).

As the largest and most contemporary urban garden in Tallinn, it offers the opportunity to grow food in raised beds, garden plots, and a modern greenhouse. Additionally, the community garden features numerous fruit trees and shrubs. Residents can also organize community events and outdoor education activities within the garden.

The goal of the Pelgu Allotment Garden is to provide urban dwellers with the joy of collective gardening, thereby strengthening environmental awareness and fostering a sense of community. Special emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly gardening practices and shared responsibilities. Members of the community garden can access individual raised beds or garden plots, while communal beds, the greenhouse, and overall garden maintenance is a shared responsibility.

Stay updated on the activities of the Pelguaed community garden through their Facebook page.

Admission of new members

Pelguaed To become a member of the Pelgu Allotment Garden, you need to fill out an application form until May 8th online and until May 18th on paper, 2024.

You can do this either online or in person. Here are the steps:

  1. Online Form: You can fill out the application HERE (choose your language in the upper corner of the form)
  2. Paper Form: If you prefer a paper form, you can obtain it from the following locations:
    • Põhja-Tallinna Valitsus (Kari 13): Visit the North Tallinn District Administration.
    • Sõle Raamatukogu (Sõle 47b): Visit the Sõle Library.

Before filling out the form, make sure to review the common rules, which contain important information about members’ rights and responsibilities. 

Here are some key obligations for community garden members:

  • Pay a one-time entrance fee of €5 and an annual membership fee of €20.
  • Contribute at least 15 hours of voluntary work during the season (approximately 2 hours per month). Voluntary work can include various beneficial activities related to the garden’s operation, depending on your interests, skills, and physical abilities.

When considering membership, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Residence: All interested individuals can apply, but preference will be given to residents of North Tallinn, especially those from the Sitsi, Pelgulinna, and Pelguranna neighborhoods.
  • Motivation and willingness: members have to be motivated and willing to actively participate in the garden’s activities.

Pelgu Community Garden is coordinated by the Pelguaed NGO in collaboration with the North Tallinn District Administration and Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department.

Additional information: contact at [email protected] or call +372 5110290

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