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About us

About us

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Tallinn`s Magdaleena Kindergarten is a small (6 group) public Estonian kindergarten operating in Tallinn since 1994. Our kindergartens provide a safe, loving, caring and fun environment to learn and develop up for 126 children aged between 1,5 – 7.

The small size of our kindergartens groups permits us to focus on each child’s individual needs and development. Our experienced teachers encourage creativity and learning through fun and play.

Children learn most effectively when they are playing and having fun. Play is also an integral part in a child’s physical, personal and social development. Therefore, our teaching is play-based and outdoor learning is highly valued. The kindergarten’s daily schedule allows plenty of time outdoors.

We understand that building a secure self-confidence takes place in the early years and therefore our experienced teachers encourage and support each child’s development. Furthermore, a good quality day care should promote healthy growth through plenty of exercise outside and correct nutrition.

During outdoor play, children have the freedom to yell and run and they are encouraged to be more enthusiastic and energetic. Outdoor play allows children to experience the world in which they live through sounds, textures, smells and hands-on interaction. Exercise is the foundation for the child’s wellbeing and it helps to promote a good healthy lifestyle. Outdoor play also allows the children to gain good control of their body which enhances a healthy self-esteem.

The kindergarten takes an inclusive approach that promotes cooperation amongst the children. The teachers carefully design activities that develop team working and social skills. The day care encourages children to help others. Furthermore, tolerance and understanding of others and different cultures is encouraged. Children are taught to share and not leave others out of play. Bullying is not accepted and immediately dealt with.

Tallinn`s Magdaleena Kindergarten aims to create an environment where children can be safe, happy and motivated to learn. The teachers are there to listen and support the children.



  • Tallinn`s Magdaleena Kindergarten can accept applications for children aged between 1,5 and 7 years.
  • The language of instruction in the kindergarten is Estonian, although many of the teachers understand Russian and English and can communicate if necessary.


Tallinna Magdaleena Kindergarten is opened from 07:00am to 7:00pm.
We are closed on national holidays and 4 week summer holiday (dates will be given in early spring).


07:00 - Kindergarten opens

08:40 - Breakfast (serving ends at 09:10)

09:10 – Morning activities

11:00 – Outdoor play

12:00/12:30 – Lunch 

12:45/13:00 – Sleeping / Quiet time

15:00 – Afternoon activity / Free play

15:30 – Snack (serving ends at 16:00)

14:50 –Free play or outdoor play

19:00 - Kindergarten closes


Because every child is unique also our on-boarding methods vary. Some children adapt to a new kindergarten very fast while others take more time. We discuss the personal plan for your child before he/she starts at the kindergarten. Normally, we start with a first day visit with one of the parents were you can take part in some fun activity, such as the morning circle, together with your child. Next day, if your child is ready, she/he could stay from 30mins to an hour at the daycare by her/himself. During the first week we gradually prolong the time your child spends alone at the daycare. Often, normal routines can begin during the second week of daycare. 

Come and visit us by appointment!

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