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Tallinn will distribute masks to large families and single parents

Next week, Tallinn will distribute medical masks to families with multiple children, low-income single parents and residents of apartment buildings with a high infection rate.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart stated that by now we have reached the state where the coronavirus already affects all target groups. "With distributing face masks, we firstly want to provide support to the most economically vulnerable citizens. While last year we distributed reusable fabric masks to high school students and progymnasts, and medical masks to low-income retirees and families living alone, we now distribute medical masks to families with three or more children, low-income single parents, and residents of apartment building with high infection rates,“ Kõlvart said. "We can prevent the rapid spread of the virus only if we follow all the requirements and recommendations, thus protecting ourselves, our loved ones and fellow citizens."

Families with three or more children will be provided two packs of masks (50 masks per pack), and low-income single parents one pack of masks, which will be distributed to them by the district governments next week.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the city will also launch an information campaign next week in those apartment buildings with a high infection rate, i.e. at least five cases of infection. These residents are given one pack of masks (ten masks per pack) per apartment and the masks are placed in the mailbox of each apartment.

From this week, municipal police officers will also conduct a mask-handing campaign on public transport, monitoring the wearing of masks on passengers and distributing masks to unprotected passengers. During the first day of the campaign, municipal police officers monitored the use of masks in 361 public transport vehicles and distributed 408 masks. The inspectors were equpped with thousands of masks to distribute to passengers, but the campaign revealed that only a small number of them were needed. The wearing of masks will be monitored by municipal police officers until March 5th.

In April, the city will also distribute medical masks to pensioners living alone.