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Special education in preschools for children with special needs

Taking into account the peculiarities of children, the following special groups have been formed in Tallinn’s preschool institutions:

  • Leveling groups
  • Groups of children with physical handicaps
  • Visually impaired groups
  • Hearing impaired groups
  • Developmental groups
  • Groups for children with multiple disabilities
  • Socialization groups


Transfer to special kindergarten (special group), inpatient school and special disabled school (special class) or deferral of educational requirements is decided by the city counseling commission with the consent of the parent/guardian.

The conditions and procedure of referral of the disabled to the counseling commission. Regulation No. 43 of the Minister of Education, 2 July 1999.

Foundations and procedure of acceptance to and disqualification from special kindergartens (special group), inpatient schools, special schools for the disabled (special class) Regulation No. 33 of the Minister of Education, 2 June 1999





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