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Tallinn Education Department

Tallinn Education Department

As of September 2021, there are a total of 195 municipal educational institutions in the administrative area of ​​the Tallinn Education Department, including:

  • 125 pre-school institutions (4 nurseries, 121 kindergartens, kindergarten groups are also in Tallinn Laagna Kindergarten-Basic School and Tallinn Helen School)
  • 57 general education schools (1 kindergarten-basic school, 12 basic schools, 42 upper secondary schools, 2 adult upper secondary schools)
  • 10 hobby schools
  • 1 vocational school (Kopli Vocational School)
  • Tallinn Study Counseling Center
  • Tallinn Teachers' House

Approximately 21,500 children attend Tallinn kindergartens, 46,200 students study in municipal general education schools and 7,900 students in municipal hobby schools.

Mission: By thinking about the needs of the learner, we will develop the best, most modern and diverse learning environment.

Vision: To develop, in a professional manner, a quality environment for learning.

Area of activity

The Tallinn Education Department's area of activity is the managing of educational policy in Tallinn and administration of early childhood, general, vocational and extra-curricular education in the city's municipal educational institutions and other institutions administered by the Education Department.

Primary tasks:

  • shaping Tallinn educational policy
  • developing the learning environment and creating conditions for successful study and educational activity
  • providing consultation to pupils, parents and institutions
  • financing educational institutions



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