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Kakumäe Coastal Park together with a park-wood

Kakumäe Coastal Park together with a park-wood

One can get to the Kakumäe Coastal Park from the Kakumäe Road via Räime (Dwarf Herring) Street. It takes ca5,5 km to get to the park from the Haabersti traffic circle.

The park is 14 ha in size, 4,5 ha of which is a beach area. The Kakumäe public beach is very popular among all the town citizens as it takes only a short walk from parking lots to the beach, besides it is possible to ride a bicycle straight to the beach border which is equipped with the bicycle stand. Sand dunes covered with blossoming dog‑roses and beach plants make it a picturesque site. One can enjoy the farsighted sea‑view sitting on a park bench. Reeds and shallow water make it the favourite place for the birds. People of every age can find activities to engage themselves in.

The reconstruction of the park started in 2005 when the network of the pedestrian and cycling paths, parking lots, street illumination, sporting grounds for playing basketball, beach volley‑ball and football were constructed. Two playgrounds for the children and other park stock were added in 2006. 2007 saw the construction of a „health path” covered with pine bark with an installation of health path’s elements (beam, crossbar element etc.) Kakumäe Coastal Park is constructed on the grounds of the formerly state‑owned woodland and is relatively poor in tree species: black alder, bird cherry, pine and willow are prevailing. In addition to this, some birches have been planted at the beach park area. The second stage of reconstruction is expected to be effected in the future.

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