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Park area of Õismäe (Flower Hill) pond surroundings

Park area of Õismäe (Flower Hill) pond surroundings

The park area of Õismäe pond is located in the middle of the circle of 9‑storied blocks of flats and kindergartens‑schools of Väike-Õismäe (Small Flower Hill). The area comes up to 9 ha, of which water surface makes 1,65 ha.

The construction of Väike-Õismäe district started in 1973 according to the project by the archi­tects Mart Port and Malle Meelak. Õismäe pond and park were constructed more than 35 years ago. The main elements of the design as the pond, the traffic circle and the diagonal paths have been preserved in their original shape. Planted trees have grown well in shape and form a thick green belt between the infant institutions and the pond. The water surface makes 1,65 ha, the average depth comes up to 1−1,5 m. The longest diameter is 155 m, the shortest 134 m. The length of the circle road is 680 m. The main species of the grove are lime‑tree, oak, maple, birch, rowan‑tree, larch and fir. The bush species include cotoneaster, dogwood, lilac, dog‑rose. Many groups of the mountain pines are located on the squares and in front of the infant institutions. On the slopes surrounding the pond the flower beds were planted in 2009 consisting of wild sage, pink stonecrop, day‑lily and reed grass.

The fountain was designed in 1998 and constructed in 1999.

A compositional structure of the park area is geometrical and directed to the centre of the circle and the fountain. According to the reconstruction project the present solution will be preserved. The park and pond reconstruction project was completed in December 2004. The reconst­ruction itself will be completed in stages: street illumination, roads,

squares, amphi­theatre. The family ground, children’s traffic circle, health path and walking ground for the dogs surrounded by a fence have been constructed. The park area of Õismäe pond is heavily exploited.

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