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Lembitu Park

Lembitu Park

Lembitu Park in its present shape was established after the World War II, some large and old trees in it were the heritage of the gardens previously located in the area. The wooden buildings formerly covering the area were very old, some of them even dating to the 18th century. Practically the whole area was reduced to ruins during the bombing of Tallinn in March 1944. After the end of the war the area was cleared up, part of the nearby blocks got reconstructed and the public park was created in the middle of the area according to the planning design.

The park with its strict geometric shape is one of the best examples of the so-called Stalinist park design typical for that time. It was completed in its primary shape in 1953. It previously embraced the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building (formerly Central Committee of the Communist Party of Estonia), forming the so‑called green cross − a con­ti­nuous verdure consisting of Lembitu Park, Rävala boulevard (formerly Lenin’s boulevard) and Teatri (i.e. Theatre) Square.

The park acquired its present shape in 1969.

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