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Koidu (Dawn) Park

Koidu (Dawn) Park

Koidu Park in its present shape was established only during the Soviet times, though the refurbishing of the area had started earlier. Before the World War II this part of the city was only partially built up. There were vast plots of waste land in‑between the blocks of buildings where the inhabitants had their orchards and flowerbeds grown. Such was the area of the present park as well. The area got even more deserted after the World War II as the number of the wooden buildings got destroyed during the bombing of Tallinn in 1944.

New stone houses carrying the pseudo-classical decorations typical for that period got erected at the beginning of the 1950‑ies. According to the city planning principles of that time a greenery of public use was an inevitable part of the residential district design, thus Koidu Park was established.

The sporting facilities and children’s play­grounds have always been a part of this park.

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