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Family physicians in Tallinn:

Starting from 2013, general medical care is organised by the Health Board. An overview of the service areas of family physicians working in Tallinn, their medical offices and staff is available here: (in Estonian)


“Lastearst kuuleb” (pediatrician hotline) from 8.00 to 24.00 (1 min / EUR 1) 1599

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  • Provision of general medical care to an uninsured resident of Tallinn
  • Changing and selecting a family physician – each Estonian citizen and an alien residing in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit has a right to register in the practice list of a family physician and change their family physician on the basis of a written application.
  • Each insured person has a family physician, selected by themselves or assigned to them by the county governor. If you are not satisfied with your chosen or assigned family physician, you have a right to change the family physician. Read more on the Estonian Health Insurace Fund website
  • Family physician and medical specialist – a family physician together with the family nurse provides general medical care, advise all persons entered into their practice list on nursing and activities preventing illnesses, injuries or intoxication... (read more from the State Portal).

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