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Energy subsidy



As a result of an energy price increase, the state will start paying energy subsidies to households with low or medium income. The subsidy will partially compensate for their electricity, gas, and district heating expenses.

Tallinn residents can start applying for energy subsidies from the 17th of January

From 3 January, Tallinn residents can ask for more information from the energy subsidy helpline 600 6300 (Phone is open Mon 8.15-17.45; Tue-Thu 8.15-16.45 and Fri 8.15-15.45). 

You can apply for an energy subsidy through your local government. Find the applying information here.

To reduce contact during the COVID pandemic, we recommend submitting your application using our online system ( and applying for a subsidy for multiple months at once.

People who do not know how to use our online system should first ask for help from their relatives. If this is not possible, please call the social welfare office in the district of your current registered residence to make an appointment. Registering in advance helps to avoid unnecessary contact and protect everyone’s health.

The subsidy period lasts from September 2021 to April 2022 (included). Residents can submit their applications until 12th of June. The person can choose how many months they will apply for the subsidy. 

NB! We advise you to consider applying for an energy subsidy for multiple months at once to ensure that the subsidy amount totals at least 10 euros, because lower subsidy amounts shall not be paid.

Who will get an Energy subsidy?

A person’s/household’s income is considered low or medium if their average salary during the subsidy period is:

  • €1126 per the household’s only/first member;
  • €563 (or 50%) per every household member aged 14 and up;
  • €338€ (or 30%) per every household member under 14 years of age.

For example, the income limit to qualify for a household of two adults is 1689 euros. For a household of two adults and two under 14-year old children, the income limit is 2815 euros.

You can check whether you qualify for a subsidy by using the Ministry of Finance’s online calculator, available in Estonian and Russian.

What is considered income?

  •  wage income, including wage income received from abroad
  • business income
  • benefits from the transfer of assets
  • rental income and royalties
  • interest and dividends
  • pensions, scholarships, allowances (such as incapacity for work allowance, child allowance, family allowance, etc.), bonuses, and gambling winnings
  • insurance benefits and payments from the pension fund
  • income of a legal person located in a low-tax territory
  • alimony (alimony paid is deducted from income)

What is not considered as income when applying for energy subsidy?  

  • One-off benefits paid by local government or state (eg social benefits, maternity benefits, funeral benefits, etc.);
  • Income-dependent benefits paid by the local government (eg kindergarten and school lunch allowance, kindergarten place fee allowance) or allowances paid periodically by the local government to cover a specific cost (eg childcare allowance);
  • Benefits paid within the framework of the Social Benefits for Disabled Persons Act (eg disability benefits for children, the elderly, the working-age, study benefits, employment benefits, rehabilitation, and in-service training support);
  • Student loan guaranteed by the state;
  • Scholarships and grants that promote study and work (incl. Scholarships paid based on the Labor Market Services and Benefits Act or from structural support funds and travel and accommodation support);
  • Basic allowance paid based on the Study Allowances and Student Loans Act, need-based special allowance, need-based study allowance, and support paid from the resources of the special allowance fund formed by an educational institution;
  • Insurance indemnity
  • Financial support and gifts received from loved ones to improve their livelihood;
  • Earned income received by a child without secondary education studying in basic school, upper secondary school, or vocational education until the age of 19 or after the age of 19 until the end of the current school year or the student is excluded from the school list.

How much of the energy expenses will be compensated in one month?

80% of the energy bill is compensated if the expenses surpass:

  1. €120/MWh (or 12c/kWh) for electricity;
  2. €49/MWh (or 4,9c/kWh) for gas;
  3. €78/MWh (or 7,8c/kWh) for district heating.

The minimum monthly amount you can apply for is 10 euros: lower amounts will not be paid out. We recommend collecting your bills from multiple months and submitting a collective application.

The maximum monthly amount you can apply for is 500 euros for all energy expenses (electricity, gas, and district heating) in total.

See more information on the Ministry of Finance website in Estonian and in Russian.


For apartment associations

  • On January 13, Tallinn organized an online question hour on housing price compensation for apartment associations. The question hour (in Estonian) can be watched on the city's Youtube channel
  • Measure to mitigate energy price increases. (in Estonian). What does apartment associations (KÜ) need to know? (Ministry of Finance)

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