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Reminder for bike taxi drivers and passengers

Reminder for bike taxi drivers and passengers

You can find the requirements and obligations of bike taxi drivers here. You can also learn about the requirements for bicycles that can provide bike taxi services.

The bike taxi driver is obligated to:

  • wear a service provider card on their chest in a visible place;
  • wear clean and appropriate clothing;
  • be polite to passengers;
  • notify the passenger about the price of the service and give them a receipt after payment.

The bike taxi driver must follow traffic rules:

  • they must only drive when sober;
  • they cannot drive on pedestrian roads, except when the main road is in a condition that prevents driving;
  • a driver who is under 16 years old must wear a helmet.

It is allowed to provide bike taxi services using a tricycle:

  • with a maximum width of 1.25 metres and a maximum power of 0.25 kilowatts;
  • that has up to two seats (in addition to the driver’s seat);
  • that includes safety belts for the passengers, functional brakes, a bell, indicators and reflectors;
  • that does not include any additional, unregulated sound and lighting equipment.

If the bike taxi driver does not comply with the aforementioned requirements or does not use a suitable vehicle, they do not have the right to provide the taxi service or request payment for it.

As a passenger:

  • make sure the bike taxi driver has a service provider card;
  • ask about the price of the journey before departing;
  • make sure the vehicle is safe for driving.

To receive a service provider card, you must submit an application to the Tallinn Municipal Police Department. You can find application and contact information on the service website.

The requirements are based on regulation no. 11 Using Bicycles, Fun Rides and Animal-Powered Vehicles for Paid Passenger Transport in Tallinn, issued by the Tallinn City Council on 31 May 2018.


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