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Pelgulinna Highschool In English

Pelgulinna Highschool In English

School overview

Address: Mulla 7, Tallinn, Estonia

Principal: Tõnu Piibur

Learning manager Tiina Tiit

[email protected] 

  • Students: 960
  • Teachers: 70

Students background 85% estonians, 15% russians.

Special branches: art, informatics, math-logic, folk dance.

Our school pedagogical approach:

  • Innovation and use of digital tools, including digital safety, coding, drones etc.

  • Descriptive evaluation, less grading (numbers)

  • Combining subjects STEAM - S: Physical and Social SCIENCES, T: Incorporation of TECHNOLOGY, E: Principles of ENGINEERING and Design, A: English Language ARTS, M: Application of MATHEMATICS

  • International cooperation

  • Art projects and creativity

Technology usage: computer lessons for every class: mobile-smart lessons, robotics, 3D printing, web development, computer graphics, animation, developing mobile apps. BringYourOwnDevice, free WiFi, LanParty, SmartCircus. E-school, cloud services and apps, Moodle.


  • Every class has a computer and projector, WiFi.

  • Teachers with students can use tablets and laptops, BYOD

  • Every teacher is responsible of his/here use of technologies (according to curriculum agreements).

  • Curriculum is divided to digital competencies in ordinary lessons and informatics lessons. Informatics lessons gives special teachers. Informatics is teached from 2nd grade to 11th.

Local partners: Ministry's (Education, Foreign Ministry, Defence, Economic Affair and Communication); Educational Department of Tallinn and City Council, HITSA (ProgeTiger, E-Twinning), Microsoft, IBM, Tallinn University, Tartu University, Look at World Foundation, Eesti 2.0, Elisa Estonia, Telia Estonia, TransferWise, Embassy of the United States, British Embassy Tallinn etc.

Videos and articles:

BBC (Computer Coding taught in Estonian primary schools)

Penguins, robots, 7,000: The story of finding the secret recipe to get kids to love coding

3D Creationist: Teaching Children to Build a Better Tomorrow

Teaching online safety and citizenship


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