Starship parcel robot. Legally on the streets.

In Tallinn, you can find robots delivering parcels and self-driving cars.

Residents already perform most transactions online, and the city’s focus on digital technologies has extended to offering e-residency of Tallinn.

This means people from all over the world can register in Estonia to start and run a global business in the EU.

The city is also working on plans to enable people to travel to Helsinki, Finland in under 10 minutes thanks to an underwater tube equipped with pods on electromagnets that can travel up to 1,100 kilometres per hour.

Truly an eSociety

Platform city for eResidency, everything is possible digitally. Currently 20,735 new eResidents and 3,256 location-independent companies.

Healthy Lifestyle City

Living green and healthy life is basic human right. Eliko Smart Street Monitoring System. Real time street data online.

Let’s Do It Together City

Much of the Tallinn’s recent success has been based on collective creativity, joint action and international knowledge sharing.

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Tallinn is the city that dreams big. The city that delivers. And the city that shares its experiences with others.