Disposing old Christmas trees

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You can dispose of your Christmas tree in different ways. Christmas trees are classified as waste, which means they can also be handed over like other types of waste (bulky waste). If you cannot transport the tree yourself, we advise you to order transport from your waste carrier company and put the tree next to your waste container at an appointed time.

PLEASE NOTE: The tree must not be wrapped in plastic. Decorations, plastic, fabrics and other materials must be removed from the tree. Artificial trees and decorations can be handed over to re-use centres or thrown into a mixed municipal waste bin. Christmas lights are classified as electrical waste and must be handed over to a waste collection station.

If you have the possibility and want to transport the tree yourself, you can hand it over (max 0.6m3) to any of Tallinn’s waste collection stations free of charge. Before disposing of the tree, we advise you to cut the tree into smaller pieces and pack it up.

For more information about waste collection sites or events, contact your city district government.


Viimati muudetud: 11.01.2022