Culture Night 2020

August nights are dark and mysterious in Tallinn and offer an unique glimpse of interesting places and people. The last Saturday of August is filled with culture and other exciting events as annual Culture Night festival invites everybody to join thematic excursions and workshops, listen to special concerts, visit exhibitions, stroll along captivating late summer streets of Tallinn.

Culture Night programme


Town Hall Square

5 p.m. Flower Ball
6 p.m. Festival Towers of Tallinn presents: Rita Ray
7 p.m. Flower Ball closing ceremony and award ceremony
8.30 p.m. Kaire Vilgats, Dagmar Oja, and Rolf Roosalu

Saint Catherine’s Church
Vene tänav 14a

10.30 p.m. Maarja Nuut
Limited number of seats!

Harjumägi Hill

4 p.m. Festival Towers of Tallinn presents: Raivo and Ramuel Tafenau
5 p.m. Mick and Angeelia Pedaja

Freedom Square

9.30 p.m. Art car Reisiv Siil, performances by Orelipoiss and Genka

The courtyard of the Maiden’s Tower
Lühike jalg 9a

6 p.m. Duo Ruut
7 p.m. Mari Jürjens and Aivar Surva

In the green area of Harju Street

2 p.m. Drum workshop by Silver Ulvik (previous experience not required, the drums are available on site). Register at

Courtyard of the Vital Statistics Department
Pärnu maantee 67

6 p.m. Paul Neitsov

Courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History
Lai tänav 29a

6 p.m. Concert by the Tallinn Chamber Choir


Tallinn Central Library
Estonia puiestee 8

On Culture Night, Tallinn Central Library will publish the last video of the series ‘Book summer travels’ on its YouTube channel. In each episode, the librarian brings some books and goes on an adventure. The adventures take place in forests, bogs, beaches, parks, and villages and the librarian introduces books on the subject. Watch the video to find out where they will go on Culture Night!

11 a.m. / 12.30 p.m. Music workshop by Argo Vals ‘Looping in music’. For ages 10+. Register at

11 a.m. READING GAMES. Learn letters and practice reading with games created by speech therapists and educators. We welcome 5–7-year-old children whose reading skills are still developing.

3 p.m. ORIENTEERING IN THE OLD TOWN. Start at the child and youth service (Estonia puiestee 8). Come alone or with a group!

Additional information:, 683 0914

Kalamaja library
Kotzebue 9

2 p.m. All children and young people aged 8–15 are welcome to participate in a LARP game, inspired by the book The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer. The event starts at the Fat Margaret Tower. Additional information and registration: The event is supported by the Folk Culture Centre. LARP (live action role-playing) is a role-playing game in which the participants embody the characters in the book.

Kadriorg Library

Koidula 12a

12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Making a memory board game based on the characters in the children’s books. All children from 6 to 12 years old are welcome. If the weather is nice, the event will take place in the courtyard. 



Tallinn City Museum
Vene tänav 12

At the Tallinn City Museum, you will find out what the Danish era was like, how people lived in the Middle Ages, what they did during the time of the Hanseatic League, and what has school been like through the ages.

Four exhibitions are open for visiting at the Tallinn City Museum.

6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Exhibition ‘Kogu ja Lugu 2. Epp ja Madis Eelmaa: koos itta ja läände’ (Together to the east and the west).
The collection of Epp and Madis Eelmaa, who have lived in Tallinn Old Town for a long time, includes both crystal and porcelain dishes and rare objects from Southeast Asia.

Exhibition ‘Tallinn Cathedral School – the cornerstone of Estonian education
The joint exhibition of Tallinn Cathedral School and Tallinn City Museum marks 700 years since the first mention of the Cathedral School.

Exhibition ‘From a citadel to a city. The birth of the city 800 years ago’. The exhibition of the City Museum on the formation of Tallinn as a city examines how old the settlement of the Tallinn area is. What makes a city? What happened to the crusade of King Valdemar II of Denmark and what was the beginning of the Danish rule like?

Permanent exhibition ‘Linn, mis kunagi valmis ei saa’ (A city whose construction will never be completed)

The exhibition introduces the port and commercial life that laid the foundation for the city’s development. There are objects of merchants and craftmen’s associations – gilds and guilds – and figures of the townspeople from old engravings.

On the second floor is the visitors’ favourite exhibit: a model of the Old Town completed on the basis of the drawings from 1825 and the collection of Tallinn city views.

The room is closed from 5 p.m.

You can discover the exhibition of Tallinn’s birth story with the help of a fun game and find out which animals came to Tallinn during the reign of King Valdemar II of Denmark!

Tallinn Russian Museum
Pikk 29A

2 p.m. to 11 p.m.
History exhibition ‘CLASS, BREAK: Russian education in Tallinn 1715–1944’. On the way to an old school, everyone can find something familiar.

Dmitry Kosjakov’s exhibition ‘ARTist või kunstnik?’ Dmitry Kosjakov is best known as a talented actor of the Russian Theatre. His personal exhibition ‘Dmitri Kosjakov: ARTist või kunstnik?’ however, introduces his other talents.

Museum of Photography
Raekoja plats 4

5 p.m. A playful photo tour with the help of application, based on the most exciting historical photos of the Old Town. You will hear stories about the events in the Old Town and look at the historical photos that have captured the event. We will learn more about the application. Each participant should have a personal smart device with an internet connection. We will meet in front of the Museum of Photography.

Peter the Great House Museum
Mäekalda 2

2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The cornerstone of the Kadriorg Castle and Park Ensemble, Peter the Great House Museum, is the oldest museum in Tallinn, which was opened in 1806. The former Swedish summer manor was the main residence of the Russian emperor Peter I in Tallinn in 1714–1723. The museum has unique objects that surrounded the Russian emperor during his stay here.

Kalamaja Museum
Kotzebue 16

The building of the Kalamaja Museum is still closed for renovation, but the garden of the Kalamaja Community Museum is open for fun activities on Culture Night and we also offer several Kalamaja tours!

6 p.m. Kalamaja tour for children Kalamaja tour for children introduces the history of Kalamaja and Tallinn in a playful way. How did Kalamaja get its name? What did the people do here in the past? What characterises the architecture of Kalamaja? What was and is the life of the local children like? We will meet in front of the Kalamaja Museum at Kotzebue 16. The tour is suitable for the whole family; it is free and lasts about an hour.

8 p.m. Kalamaja in 1927. On the city trip, we head to the tracks of the outdoor exhibition ‘Where the Sun Does Not Shine’ on the streets of Kalamaja in autumn. We will get acquainted with the photo reporter Hans Soosaar’s series of pictures of Kalamaja’s apartment conditions, captured in the 1920s, and time travel to the everyday life of 90 years ago. What was life like in the basement apartments? What made the locals sad? What made them happy? We will meet in front of the Kalamaja Museum at Kotzebue 16. The tour is suitable for the whole family; it is free and lasts about an hour.

10 p.m. Kalamaja Ghost Tour. Due to popular demand, we will organise the Kalamaja Ghost Tour again! Which ghosts live here? What are the most scary and terrifying places? What stories and legends are related to Kalamaja? Many stories have been collected by the Kalamaja Museum from elderly locals. We will meet in front of the Kalamaja Museum at Kotzebue 16. The tour is suitable for the whole family; it is free and lasts about an hour.

Tallinn City Museum’s joint museum night game ‘Old houses, new times’

Look at an older picture of the museum house. Discover how the house has changed over time! How many differences did you find? Take a photo of the house yourself, write down how many differences you found, post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #muuseumiöö2020 #vanadmajaduuedajad #filiaalinimi!, and win museum tickets!


12 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Night of Ancient Lights on Kakumäe Beach.

2 p.m. Triin Kerge and Aksel Haagensen ‘Kuhu me lähme?’ (Where are we going?) The exhibition deals with the stories of those deported to Siberia in 1949 as a child and those who fled Estonia as a child in 1944. ARS Project Room, Pärnu maantee 154.

6 p.m. KRATTFest Youth String Orchestra concert. Ticket 6/8 euros. St. Nicholas Church, Niguliste 3.

7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Night of Ancient Lights at the Seaplane Harbour. Seaplane Harbour, Vesilennuki 6.


If no ticket information is provided, the event is free.

The organiser has the right to make changes to the programme.


Viimati muudetud: 26.08.2020