Tallinn Vision Conference 2020 - Wise City is Always a Work in Progress 

Tallinn Vision Conference 2020 has ended. Thank you for joining our digital conference this year!


There you can watch the panel discussion „How will Tallinn become the most functional and smartest city in the world?“ and also the presentation "Clever public space – solutions for a smart city" by the Chief of Innovation of Tallinn, Toomas Türk giving an overview of Tallinn as a smart city (with English subtitles).

Also watch Douglas Gordon (Architect and Urban Planner) giving the presentation about the project with EKA "Unfinished City".

Thematic video "Projects that never happened" compiled for this conference by architectural historian Oliver Orro is available with English subtitles.

Listen to Thomas Madreiter,  Chairman of the Urban Planning Committee of the Austrian Association of Cities talking about the experiences in Wiena in his presentation "Smart Cities are the Solution".

Hear Otso Kivekäs, Chairman of the Helsinki City Council answer the question “Why Helsinki is not yet the most functional and smartest city in the world?”

A photo exhibition with the same title as the conference this year Wise City is Always a Work in Progress is up in the Freedom Square tunnel. The exhibition is there until 23rd of November. It is worth of taking a look and seeing how Tallinn has developed over the years.